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Little Miss Sunshine


Jeff Nelson

Little Miss Sunshine is a bright light of hope that will always remain to show audiences that well-composed scripts can still be written.

Little Miss Sunshine
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Believe it or not, most of the unique films originate in the film festivals. Unfortunately, they generally only receive a limited release in theaters. Quite a few of these movies have even been unsuccessful in theaters and became a cult classic to some on Blu-Ray and DVD. Little Miss Sunshine captivated its viewers rather quickly. The film received Academy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin), Best Original Screenplay (Michael Arndt), Best Supporting Actress (Abigail Breslin), and Best Picture. The results were that the Little Miss Sunshine was rewarded Oscar-wins for Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay. After only viewing bits and pieces of the film on TV, I finally sat down and watched the film as a whole from start to finish.

Convinced their little Olive is beauty queen material, parents Richard and Sheryl load the rest of the family into a van and embark on a life-altering road trip to a California pageant. Richard pushes Olive to win while her silent brother, depressed uncle, and nursing-home reject grandpa add their own quirks to the mix. The film relies on the simplicity of it all. The screenplay handles the dialogue very well. The dark humor works. Each character serves a specific purpose for the film. It's refreshing to see an independent movie receive such positive feedback as it handles quite a few controversial topics. However, it doesn't tell the filmmaker's opinions, but handles the situations in an interestingly humorous way. By the end of the film, audiences won't be able to help but feel a connection with each of the characters on the van. Little Miss Sunshine is a good example of a movie that succeeds greatly due to a well-written screenplay.

The casting decisions were chosen in a fantastic manner. Young Abigail Breslin is great as the young Olive Hoover, who received an Oscar nomination for the role. She's not only adorable, but delivers on many different levels with the dialogue. Greg Kinnear does a good job with the pressuring father, Richard Hoover. Alan Arkin received an Oscar-win for his performance as Grandpa Edwin Hoover. He's absolutely hilarious from start to finish and deserved the recognition. Steven Carell plays a very different role than he usually represents as Uncle Frank Ginsberg. While he isn't the greatest actor attached to the film, he does a good job. Each performance in Little Miss Sunshine is good, but there are a few that standout as great.

If nothing else, Little Miss Sunshine proved what original, well-written filmmaking can do. It's certainly a breath of fresh air. Sometimes the big blockbuster flicks are enjoyable to watch, but a lot of the well-made films are circulating the film festivals. There isn't very much to complain about with this motion picture. Little Miss Sunshine is a bright light of hope that will always remain to show audiences that well-composed scripts can still be written.

My Rating = Four Stars

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