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Let Me In


Jeff Nelson

Let Me In is executed very well and is highly recommended to those who want a film with substance and depth.

Let Me In
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There were many nonbelievers of the Let the Right One In remake, called Let Me In. Even I was one of those people to begin with. However, as more trailers and clips began to surface, many gained hope. Does this film achieve what the Swedish film did?

When 12-year-old Owen befriends a mysterious girl named Abby, the two outcasts form a bond that gives Owen the ability to stand up to school bullies. He slowly begins to suspect his new friend has a dark secret. As far as staying true to the Swedish movie, it's extremely similar. There are only small differences with a few scenes taken out and a few added in. A majority of the dialogue is mirrored into this remake, but there are quirks put on many of the lines. This remake stays close to its original.

One of the biggest issues I had when this was announced was who the actors would be. A better cast couldn't have been chosen. Kodi Smit-McPhee, Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins all give strong performances. Chloe Moretz is absolutely chilling as Abby and fits the role to perfection. She clearly steals the show. Kodi Smit-McPhee does a great job as Owen. Richard Jenkins connects well with Chloe Moretz in all of their scenes together. All of these actors pull their parts off and come off as believable characters.

The look of the film is extremely similar to the Swedish film, as well. It's dark and has a gritty tint. I won't spoil anything, but a certain fire that takes place in both films is the original film put on steroids. It's without a doubt that the American remake is gorier and more violent than the Swedish original. All of the gags and blood colors are pulled off well.

It's tough to say how American audiences will react to this film. This film does a great job at what it's meant to do, but the slower pace may not sit well with mainstream audiences. All fans of the Swedish original need to see this. Let Me In is executed very well and is highly recommended to those who want a film with substance and depth.

My Rating = Four Stars

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