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The Lincoln Lawyer


Jeff Nelson

The Lincoln Lawyer is worth checking out whether or not you're a large fan of films taking place in court.

The Lincoln Lawyer
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A majority of moviegoers has experienced its fair share of court dramas. There are even a large number of television shows based on the legal system. In both the media and real life, many flaws have appeared in the justice system. The job of a defense attorney is to try to convince the jury that his or her client is not guilty. In quite a few cases, some of the defendants who are in fact guilty are still able to get back onto the streets. The Lincoln Lawyer shows the life of a defense attorney as he has to decide to do the right or wrong thing. Is it more important to do the job and defend the client or do the right thing and serve justice?

An immoral defense attorney has a crisis of conscience where he represents a rich client who has a plan to beat the justice system. The courthouse dramas are definitely an acquired taste. They come across as dull to some and tense to others. Whether or not you have been following other movies and television shows with similar material, this shouldn't come across as anything fresh. In fact, the story itself is quite formulaic. Each and every plot point is relatively predictable as the film goes on. The beginning of the movie plays out as a bit of a witty comedy as the central character is introduced. As the tale begins to be told, a more serious tone is taken. Most of the dialogue is clever and keeps situations entertaining throughout even when it isn't heated in the courtroom. The pacing is smooth as each and every scene melds together seamlessly. For those willing to get past the foreseeable structure and twists are sure to be entertained by this quite acceptable screenplay.

After the consistently poor films recently released by Matthew McConaughey, not many people I know are fond of him. With him being in the leading role, I was a bit worried. Who would have guessed that he would have actually pulled his act together? This is one of his better performances in some time. His character delivers most of the witty lines. McConaughey does very well with his dialogue. Performing alongside him are Ryan Phillippe, Marisa Tomei, and William Macy. Each one of these actors match McConaughey's representation of Mick Haller. Ryan Phillippe's fans are sure to be pleased with him playing the defendant, Louis Roulet. All of the actors are capable of giving fine performances here and they don't disappoint.

For a film one would assume would mainly take place in a courtroom, The Lincoln Lawyer has some fine visuals. The most impressive scenes are those seen as Mick Haller is being driven around in his Lincoln, which he identifies as his office. The editing is razor sharp and surely aids in developing a smoother pace. The sound mixing is much more than I expected from this type of film. The rap beats during the Lincoln sequences. Even during the courtroom scenes, the surround speakers are active with ambiance. The track prioritizes dialogue, just as it should. I never had any difficulty hearing any of the dialogue. Fans of the film are sure to be pleased with the audio and visual presentations.

Even though I walked into The Lincoln Lawyer with relatively low expectations, I found myself absorbed by the film. From start to finish, this is an entertaining courtroom drama. I'm glad that I gave it a chance. Moviegoers can only hope that Matthew McConaughey will continue on this path of giving these performances in decent movies. The Lincoln Lawyer is worth checking out whether or not you're a large fan of films taking place in court.

My Rating = Thre and One Half Stars

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