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The Last House on the Left (2009)


Jeff Nelson

...whether or not you were a fan of the original, this is one to check out.

The Last House on the Left
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Year after year, remakes have been being released of original horror films. Well over half of these don't come close to being as good as the original. It's very rare to find a film that beats its original. This is one film to be extremely close to beating its original.

A girl and her parents go to their remote lake house. A man escaped from the cops by his family getting him out. The girl is with her friend looking for weed. They end up finding it with the family of deranged people, the very ones who got the man out. These four people have harmed the girl, but need a place to stay in the rain. They come across a house, which happens to be the girl's house. The parents find out and now they must get their revenge. I find the story to be interesting. The concept is fun to watch play out.

Every actor manages to play his or her role correctly. They make the film realistic. Their characters interact well and makes the situations seem real. This is an important thing for a horror film that many end up failing.

The Last House on the Left is a gruesome film. It's disturbing, grotesque, and repulsive. The photography is gritty and gives the film a greater atmosphere. Make up is good and used appropriately. The visuals are strong.

This movie is more than just gore. It has story, character development, and keeps the audience entertained. It gets very disturbing. There is an uncomfortable rape scene shown in detail. This was shot to shock the audience, and achieves that. There are brutal death scenes closer to the end of the film. This movie is a pleasant surprise. A fan of the original The Last House on the Left or not, this is one to check out.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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