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Jeff Nelson

...not even worth a rent.

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The second anybody hears the name George Clooney, they know automatically the acting in the film will be excellent. A man who began with movies like From Dusk Till Dawn under his belt really knows what he is doing. This was once again true, but the movie itself was another story.

The genre is listed under sports/comedy. The sports part is true, but there was nothing comedic about this movie. I did not laugh even once, nor did the rest of the audience.. The story was bland and very vague taking place in the early days of professional football, when the rules were scant.. The acting was, as mentioned earlier, excellent. The visuals were good and the scenery was beautiful. My biggest concern for this movie was how long it took to express the meaning of the movie. It takes forever to even show you who the characters are and many people will lose interest not even half way to this point.

. Now, this movie was not just all negatives, but most were. The positive side of Leatherheads is that it was edited well and had some good football scenes. The cutting and splicing of clips for this film was decent. The football scenes may any football fan from the boredom of the rest of the movie. They are usually in the rain and mud and get violent. In summary, Leatherheads is a great disappointment that is not even worth a rent.

My Rating = One Star

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