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Lost Boys: The Tribe


Jeff Nelson

Lost Boys: The Tribe is a cliché mess that falls flat on nearly every level.

Lost Boys: The Tribe
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The original The Lost Boys is much better than I expected it to be. In 2008, the studio decided to make a sequel by the title of Lost Boys: The Tribe. With the violent vampire flicks not receiving much attention, the studio held hopes that capitalizing on the success of the original would work. Genre fans should be glad that there's plenty of gore to satisfy audiences. None of the violence is watered down. However, this sequel never had the opportunity to surpass The Lost Boys. Perhaps low expectations are a bit too high in this case.

When Chris and his sister, Nicole, lose their parents in a car accident, they move to a California beach town to live with an aunt. Nicole falls for a local surfer, who happens to be a vampire. Soon enough, Chris finds himself battling a whole gang of vampire surfers in an effort to save his sister. The plot is strikingly similar to that of the first film, but poorly executed. The characters aren't likable and get quite irritaAnd ting. The filmmakers clearly decided to focus on other aspects of the movie. Each twist and turn is undeniably predictable. The dialogue simply feels uninspired and thrown together in a rush. Due to the big time gap between the original and the sequel, it would have been wise to take the story in a completely different direction. I was never convinced that very much effort was put into Lost Boys: The Tribe. It's simply too messy to even be considered a passable script.

Not only are the characters absolutely dull, but the actors don't even mildly deliver. The best performance is clearly given by Corey Feldman as he reclaims his role as Edgar Frog. Fans of the original are guaranteed to be glad to see him return, despite the fact that this movie is a complete missed opportunity. Other lead roles played by actors such as Tad Hilgenbrink and Autumn Reeser don't bring either of the characters to life. Lost Boys: The Tribe is filled to the top with budget actors who simply can't convey the roles as well as those in the original.

Even with new technology, don't expect to see a great atmosphere. The sets are boring for the most part. The colors have simply been drained, which has backfired. The tone of the original The Lost Boys is tremendous, but Lost Boys: The Tribe tears itself to shreds. While I'm aware this is a direct to video release, the filmmakers should have tried to focus on the atmosphere that many fans enjoyed in the original. The story line would have benefited from going in another direction, but the tone of the film should remain similar. The best element of the entire production is definitely the gore level. Even though it isn't an insane amount, these scenes are the best sequences of the entire motion picture.

Lost Boys: The Tribe is surely the type of flick that audiences will see and forget. It's a cliché mess that falls flat on nearly every level. I would even go as far as to describe this motion picture as unimaginative and uninteresting. It seems to be a very difficult feat to create a decent vampire movie. Some of you may ask how I didn't expect these results since it went direct to video. There are movies out there that deserve much more recognition than they received, but this isn't one of them. Lost Boys: The Tribe is an underwhelming flick that fans and newcomers should ignore.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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