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Lost Boys: The Thirst


Jeff Nelson

Lost Boys: The Thirst is the sequel fans were hoping for.

Lost Boys: The Thirst
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After a couple more years have passed from the utter failure that Lost Boys: The Tribe was, another sequel was released known as Lost Boys: The Thirst. Even though this third entry in the series continues to have cheesy dialogue with silly situations, it embraces it with open arms. It's clearly proud of what it is. After seeing how fantastic the original The Lost Boys is, it truly deserved a genuinely decent sequel. Fortunately, Lost Boys: The Thirst is just that.

Edgar and Alan Frog agree to help an author who pens vampire novels in finding her missing brother. Turns out he's been sucked into a dangerous world of underground raves, where a mysterious DJ reigns over a dance floor full of the undead. Those who have seen Lost Boys: The Tribe should ignore the negative feelings and still give the series a final chance. The screenplay certainly isn't award-winning and doesn't surpass the original, but it does exactly what it was set out to do. It's entertaining from start to finish. I didn't find even one dull moment. There's a lot for fans to enjoy from the dialogue to references to the first in the trilogy. Expect to see a bunch of cliché plot twists that were predictable from the start. There isn't anything new brought to the sub-genre and simply recycled what has been seen in other vampire movies. In the previous sequel, Edgar Frog was barely in the movie at all. In the third entry, he's the main character and we thankfully see a lot of him.

With Edgar Frog's return, Corey Feldman reprised the role. He delivers his character very well. Feldman is spot on in giving the humorous lines of the dialogue. He conveys his role in the best manner out of the cast. The most problematic performance is clearly given by Tanit Phoenix as the author, Gwen Lieber. She's especially problematic towards the end. The rest of the acting is mediocre and doesn't shine in the least. Corey Feldman is surely the strongest part of this department.

As previously mentioned, Lost Boys: The Thirst promises fun and entertainment and gives it to the audience successfully. Similar to Lost Boys: The Tribe, this motion picture is also a direct-to-video release. It never graced the silver screen in theaters. It doesn't look it in the least. The production value, cinematography, and effects are all good. This film retained its R rating. The violence isn't sugar coated and the action sequences are entertaining. In terms of the audio mix, it's the most impressive of the trilogy. This is an aggressive track from beginning to end. Even during the more tranquil scenes, the surrounds are active and the dialogue is loud and clear. The subwoofer is constantly active. Lost Boys: The Thirst has a good technical side.

Despite Lost Boys: The Tribe being a huge letdown, this isn't the case for the next installment. Lost Boys: The Thirst is a blast in both the action and comedy sections. This is truly a film made for the fans. Newcomers who don't like this type of filmmaking and those who didn't enjoy the original won't find much to like here. While there are issues with the overall execution and a very predictable story line, it's a big step up from the previous installment. Lost Boys: The Thirst is the sequel fans were hoping for. It's still problematic with certain components, but it's a fun film well-worth checking out if you enjoyed the original and viewers should simply forget that Lost Boys: The Tribe even exists.

My Rating = Three Stars

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