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Love and Other Drugs


Jeff Nelson

Love and Other Drugs has a pair of exceptional actors, but the movie itself never deserved the large amount of hype it has received.

Love and Other Drugs
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There has been a large amount of buzz surrounding the film Love and Other Drugs. These types of comedy/romance films generally don't get this much hype, especially around in the film festivals at which this has been screened. Well, now that it's in wide release, the question is whether it deserves the hype or not.

Pharmaceutical representative Jamie Randall becomes a player in the big game of male-performance-enchancement-drug sales and finds romance with a woman suffering from Parkinson's disease along the way. If you're expecting some type of twist being put onto the story that is fresh to the comedy/romance genre, you'll be severely disappointed. This is a run of the mill script, although I will allow that there are some clever and funny lines of dialogue spread through the movie. After a while, this film begins to drag and moves slowly. There are plenty of scenes that aren't necessary for the film and could have shortened the running time by an easy 15 minutes. Regrettably, the dialogue gets very cheesy and feels just like any other movie in the genre.

Honestly, the entire reason this movie got any talk is the two leads. Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are big names and the movie would be nothing without them. These two actors have great chemistry on screen and it feels real. Since the script isn't very good, the actors don't have a lot to work with. However, both of them still manage to pull it off. Jake Gyllenhaal feels natural on screen and Anne Hathaway does a good job with her role. Unfortunately, good acting doesn't make an excellent movie and is just one aspect in a great film.

Just like most romantic/comedies, cinematography and other details are standard. There isn't anything special to speak of that the film does differently, but who is going to go to Love and Other Drugs to find that? However, I was surprised to see big names such as Gyllenhaal and Hathaway to be showing skin. In these type of films with big name actors, sex scenes are brief and little to no skin is shown. During the sex scenes it's shown in a bit more of an artful style. For those expecting full frontal shots of either actors will be disappointed.

Scenes of the couple having sex in romantic/comedies can sometimes be very important scenes. However, it feels like Love and Other Drugs dwells on it to the point where that's all the movie is. It's as if that's the selling point of the movie and the sex scenes are just to sell seats. The script is cheesy and feels a bit longer than it should be. Love and Other Drugs has a pair of exceptional actors, but the movie itself never deserved the large amount of hype it has received. Most of the fault lies on the writing making this film just below average.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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