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Jeff Nelson

Knowing isn't worth a second of your time.

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As much as I dislike Nicholas Cage, I feel bad for him. Within the past few years, he has been picking some bad films to be in. An actor, good or bad, will always end up in a bad movie or two. Knowing is no exception to this ruule.

A school unearths a time capsule with children's drawings and one predicts the future, buried from the 1950s. One child's drawings predicts a lot of horrible natural disasters and now a man must prevent more from happening. The idea of this film is smart. It takes the natural disasters and end of the world concepts and fits it into a clever story. Unfortunately, the dialogue is tacky and doesn't fit the film. The pacing can be slow with some unnecessary portions of the film.

I've never been fond of Nicholas Cage. I put that aside while watching this film, because of my interest in the story. In the beginning, he does OK, but reminds me of the reason he bothers me. His acting is mediocre and fake. This role is no different from most of his other parts. He seems emotionless and detached from what's going on. There's no real connection happening between the characters, which really hurts the film overall.

The greatest point of this films is the CGI. The effects are incredible. When a natural disaster is being shown, it looks extremely real. None of the CGI looks fake or even looks like CGI. Knowing puts on an interesting visual presentation.

End of the world films are beginning to get old. Out of all of the end of the world films, this had the most potential with the most clever concept. Unfortunately, this film is executed poorly. With the right director and actors, this film could've been a much stronger movie. The ending is ridiculous and destroys the purpose of watching this film. Knowing isn't worth a second of your time.

My Rating = One Star

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