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Knocked Up


Jeff Nelson

Knocked Up is a hilarious movie that never gets old or stale.

Knocked Up
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Most comedies these days consist of many similar jokes and spoofs. These have to come from somewhere that started the trend, but not everybody is aware quite where they came from.

A one-night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy for entertainment reporter Alison, who tries to make things worth with the slacker, Ben, who knocked her up. The couple attempt to get acquainted for the baby's sake. The plot takes the idea of a woman being knocked up and changes it into something much more. The story is much more than what appears on the surface. The writing mainly consists of humor based on sex, drugs, and cussing. All of the comedy in this film is for adults only, but the toilet humor is used tastefully.

The cast includes names of people that were not known very well when the film was released, but are now common knowledge in the young adult world. Seth Rogen puts on a hilarious performance, as he does in his more recent flicks. Katherine Heigl connects well with Rogen on screen and the jokes between the two are hysterical. Paul Rudd is another name that has a repeating role in these types of films and he pulls it off quite well. There are also guest appearances by some bigger people in the industry, such as Ryan Seacrest.

Luckily, this movie got the money it needed from Universal Studios. It's not a lot for a film, but it's a comedy that got a decent budget to get the actors and sets it needed. All of the camera styles are standard and nothing goes outside of the box to be original from other comedies when it comes to the visuals.

Many critics and viewers are surprised by how funny Knocked Up ended up being. It seemed like just another cliché comedy with nothing but the same old gags. However, this film has substance and has much more underneath the surface and brings along a romance story, as well as a comedy. Knocked Up is a hilarious movie that never gets old or stale.

My Rating = Four Stars

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