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Jeff Nelson

Kick-Ass will make your adrenaline pump...

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Everybody goes to the movie theater for different reasons. Some go for character development, some for entertainment, some for the writing, and others just to have a hell of a good time. Viewers will get all of this when they go to see Kick-Ass.

Dave Lizewski decides to become a masked crime fighter and becomes an Internet celebrity. Hit-Girl, Big Daddy, and Red Mist soon join his antics as a superhero, but he may be in way over his head. Given that this started as an indie film without being able to rely on FX, the film heavily relies on dialogue and character development. However, the comedy is excellent. The jokes are spread out well and never get repetitive. The characters are all written to be likable and will make the audience cheer on for the main set of heroes.

There are a few known actors and a few unknown ones. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) and Nicolas Cage (Con Air) are excellent. Nicolas Cage seems to carry his role much better when he's a supporting actor and doesn't have the entire film on his shoulders. Chloe Moretz, Hit-Girl, is one terrific young actress. Hit-Girl comes to life in this role. The entire cast communicates well to bring this action comedy to feel real.

It's actually a good thing that the film began as an independent film. Throughout the film, I never noticed any CGI or green screen. All of the incredible violence and fighting is practical FX and makes the film come off as more nearly real. The costumes are all well designed, as well. There are no complaints with the visuals.

The blame for this film not doing as well as it should of is the advertisement. It comes off as tacky and clichéd in the trailers, but is a very well-written and entertaining flick. Keep in mind, this film is not for children as it's extremely violent with loads of blood and gore. Hit-Girl makes the film and gives some of the best action scenes in history. Kick-Ass will make your adrenaline pump and is one ass-kicking flick that deserved so much more success than it received.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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