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King Kong


Jeff Nelson

...this is highly recommended!

King Kong
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The character King Kong has been around since 1933 in sequels, remakes, and spin offs. Each one seems to get worse and worse, which may make you cautious about the 2005 remake. Do not let this fool you, this may be the only sequel or remake that has been good.

Everybody seems to know the story of King Kong, but if not, then I suggest to see the original before the remake. It is simple, yet a beautiful story of love, adventure, and thrills. The remake stays fairly close to the original, but does have different incidents and creatures than in the original to make this a more fresh 21st century take on the film.

The casting choice is one of the weirdest I have seen. Jack Black is known to do the air guitar and be crazy, and a bit obnoxious. He stars as a film director and breaks his usual acting habits. Jack gives a great performance being serious, yet funny in an ironic way. Naomi Watts plays the beauty that the beast (Kong) falls for. Her performance was stunning and realistic. The bonding scenes with Kong and her are brilliant and she gives the role something new that the original never had, which is heart. Naomi made it clear that her character is afraid of Kong, yet very sympathetic. It's a strange cast for the movie, but a strong one.

When it was known that King Kong was being remade, fans of the original were enraged. Fans of the series were anxious to hear who was willing to direct it, and it turned out to be the legend, Peter Jackson. He has been a great film maker and is known very well in the industry. Fans began to have a little bit of hope, but were still worried that it would not turn out well. Peter Jackson has never let the film audience down, and does not intend to.

The visuals and audio are absolutely stunning. This is not surprising giving the fact that it has won three oscars. King Kong won in the categories of "Best Achievement in Sound Editing", "Best Achievement in Sound Mixing", and "Best Achievement in Visuals Effects". Every scene was shot perfectly with beautiful views, great CGI, and a great set. This is the strongest point of the movie and anybody would agree, whether they like or dislike the movie.

Overall, King Kong is a great surprise. Nobody expected it to be very good, but they were wrong. Almost everything in this movie is great, but there are some gripes I have about it. The movie lasted much longer than it should have, having a 3 hour running time. This is the theatrical, not even the extended version. Scenes begin to get repetitive once the sea voyage begins. Any fan of King Kong or to anyone who is new to it, this is highly recommended!

My Rating = Four  Stars

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