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Kill Bill Volume 2


Jeff Nelson

less violence gore...but just as highly recommended as the first...

Kill Bill Volume 2
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Kill Bill Volume 1 focused on the violent aspect of the story, while Kill Bill Volume 2 focuses on the drama side. It is not nearly as violent as the first. It is more disturbing to your psyche than to your stomach.

Kill Bill Volume 2 takes place right after the first one. Uma Thurman's character is now after her main target, Bill. She encounters problems with his brother and other members of his "mafia" and personal life. The story improves in this volume and becomes much more original and strong. The first volume is just an opening to what was to come in the second volume.

The acting was just as well done as in the first. Uma Thurman puts on a brilliant performance, as does David Carradine. They both show real interaction and a lot of character development between the two. Uma Thurman shows how her character has developed with flashbacks showing a much more troubled side than was shown in the previous movie. The acting actually improved in parts of the film. It is nice to see actors become so close to their characters.

As stated already, Kill Bill Volume 1 is much gorier than Kill Bill Volume 2. There are not as many props shown in this movie. There is one eye gouging scene that is incredibly realistic which sends shivers down your spine. The visuals are just as unrealistic as the first film's, but there are just not as many of them.

Overall, Kill Bill Volume 2 was as incredible as the first movie. This one showed a more emotional and deep side the audience did not get to see in Kill Vill Volume 1. Questions are answered in this episode and Uma's character's name is finally said without being bleeped out. For anybody who likes Quentin Tarantino or just likes movies in general, Kill Bill Volume 2 is just as highly recommended as the first.

My Rating = Five  Stars

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