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Knight and Day


Jeff Nelson

Knight and Day is a fun summer blockbuster that is funny, thrilling, and very enjoyable.

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The reasons for a film not doing as well as it's expected to is usually due to the quality of the movie. It could also be the fault of the advertisement or word of mouth. However, Knight and Day doesn't suffer from either of these. Instead, it's because of the time it's released and what other films it's against. Toy Story 3 is a tough one to beat in the box office.

June meets a secret agent who has realized he isn't supposed to survive his latest mission. As their campaign to stay alive stretches across the globe, they soon learn that they must work together to live. From hearing the story and seeing the trailer, it's clichéd and has been done way too many times. However, the screenplay is enjoyable and gives some laughs. It always keeps light and doesn't try to become more serious a film than it actually is. Quite a few of the situations are predictable, but it's nothing that holds back the fun of the film.

The two main stars are Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The chemistry of the two is great and they are an attractive couple. It's fantastic to finally see Tom Cruise in the role that originally made him famous, the badass fighter. Cameron Diaz is perfect for her role. The two actors are entertaining to watch on screen and are able to make even some of their bad dialogue sound like gold.

Every action scene throughout this entire movie is phenomenal. Explosions, fist fights, gun fights, every type of fighting used in this film is filmed very well. There are car chases and even motorcycle chases that occur a few times and don't become repetitive.

I am surprised with how fun and exciting Knight and Day is. It's a shame that it didn't do better in the box office as it deserves much more than it has received so far. In most of these action flicks, the women don't help and are there just for the male star to save. Cameron Diaz is the opposite and begins as a tom boy girl who isn't sure what's going on, then turns into a female version of Cruise's character. Knight and Day is a fun summer blockbuster that is funny, thrilling, and very enjoyable. It's worth seeing in theaters.

My Rating = Four

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