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Jason X


Jeff Nelson

Jason X is the worst 'film' of the franchise that never should have left the pitching room.

Jason X
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After the garbage known as Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, true Jason Voorhees fans hoped that the series could be left alone. For a couple years, this was the case. However, it clearly wasn't the end. The film desperately needed to return to its roots, but screenwriter Todd Farmer took it even farther away from the original movies. Many filmmakers in Hollywood don't understand that there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. Jason X is an ideal example of taking a series way too far and absolutely destroying anything that was good about the originals.

In 2455 A.D., Earth is a contaminated planet that's been abandoned for centuries. In the wreckage of a research facility, a visiting archaeology class discovers two frozen bodies. One of them being a beautiful woman and the other being a rotted corpse wearing a hockey mask. When they transport the carcasses back to their space lab and the ice melts, Jason is revived and ready to unleash a new kind of hell on the future. I still can't believe that this was given the green light to be made. Jason Voorhees has officially gone to space. While I understand the intentional campy nature of the film, this is ridiculous. Each of the characters on the spaceship is unbearably irritating, to say the least. The horrid dialogue contributes to this. The entire movie attempts to be humorous, but comes across as trying too hard. Some of the worst lines are muttered by one of the characters that happens to be a human android. Each time she battles Jason, she spouts horrible one-liners that are some of the worst you'll ever hear in cinema. As the movie continued, I found myself despising what I was witnessing more and more. To be honest, this isn't even good enough of a flick to make fun of.

The performances seen in Jason X are just as poor as the script itself. While some of the fault is placed on the screenplay, the actors themselves contribute to the hatred I have aimed towards each of their characters. The leading roles are played by Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Jonathan Potts, and Peter Mesah. Each one of these actors give equally faulty performances. I can't mention terrible acting without bringing up Lisa Ryder's representation of the human android Kay-Em 14. Each and every word that comes from her mouth is an absolute disaster. The only positive thing I can say about the acting is Kane Hodder. He has always been a master with being a slasher, which is no different in Jason X. He makes for a phenomenal Jason Voorhees. With the exception of Kane Hodder, the rest of the cast is a complete mess from start to finish.

Almost the entire flick takes place on the spaceship. The one category in which I expected Jason X to excel was the visual department. However, most of the other films in the Friday the 13th franchise look better than this. Once the bodies are brought onto the spaceship, they are given tests and cellular reconstructions. The FX shown during these scenes are atrocious. Jason Voorhees was given yet another look, which worked in the beginning. Towards the end, the tagline of the film "Evil Gets An Upgrade" applies. Jason appears in bulletproof armor and seems invincible. This look will never beat Jason's classic appearance. Most of the kills are disappointing. There are only two memorable death sequences. The sound mixing is strong throughout. The dialogue is never difficult to make out while the screams and bullets are loud, even though clarity is lacking. Despite the audio being decent, the visuals could have been much better.

When looking back at even some of the more disappointing entries in the Friday the 13th franchise, Jason X makes them feel Golden Globe-worthy. Not only does it take away everything that was originally great about the series, but it's an embarrassment to the horror genre. There are sure to be some viewers who find the flick to be so bad it's good, although I find it to be so bad that it shouldn't be considered a Friday the 13th entry. If you're looking for anything more than a dreadful affair to laugh at with friends, you'll feel like you lost 91 minutes of your life that you'll never get back. Jason X is the worst 'film' of the franchise that never should have left the pitching room.

My Rating = One Half Star

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