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Joy Ride 2


Jeff Nelson

...this deserves to sit on the video store shelves to collect dust.

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead
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Many of the films that were released in the early 2000s and even the 1990s are receiving sequels years later. However, none of them are being released in theaters and are going straight to DVD. None of the actors from the original ever return for these and the story is always slightly bent from the first concept. A message to the filmmakers creating these sequels...please make them stop.

Four friend begin their trip to Las Vegas when their car stops working and are forced to steal a car. Little do they know that the owner of that car is a vengeful trucker with homicidal tendencies. The first thing to note is that the body count has gone up tremendously from the original. The filmmakers didn't put much thought into the screenplay or atmosphere and just tried to be brutal. None of the characters are likable as they're all irritating throughout. All of the plot points are predictable and don't pull any surprises.

Given that this is a direct to DVD film, none of the actors are anyone well-known in the industry. Nicki Aycox, Nick Zano, Laura Jordan, and Kyle Schmid all fall to the same weaknesses. None of them have any screen presence and their acting ranges from bad to insanely terrible. I'm sure that the filmmakers weren't able to get any talented actors to star with a script that this film was given.

The eerie atmosphere that the first gave is gone. There's nothing tense about this film and the visuals are mainly focused on the gore. However, even the violence doesn't look very good. Blood tints aren't accurate and many of the props are obviously made of cheap materials.

I placed this into my Blu-Ray player with low expectations to begin with, yet I was still disappointed. This was obviously made to cash a quick dollar off the original years later. There are some direct to DVD films that are surprisingly decent, but this deserves to sit on the video store shelves to collect dust. Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead should be forgotten completely. Stick with the original and act as if this doesn't exist.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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