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Jeff Nelson

...even guys can enjoy watching Juno

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Every year there are so many drama-romance-comedies that it's difficult for anyone see them all in a year. Most of them are cliché, stereotypical and guys are usually dragged to them by their girlfriends, sisters, or friends. When seeing this genre is when critics and opinions of others really needs to be taken into consideration before going to the cinema or even renting.

The story for Juno is not too original. A teenage girl gets pregnant and is not sure what to do with the baby. She begins her search for parents to adopt the baby, and everything goes to hell. While it is not original, it has heazrt, not just jokes.

Not everybody will recognize the cast, but I truly enjoyed this particular cast. Ellen Page (from Hard Candy) gives a ground breaking performance as the pregnant teenager. Jennifer Garner (from Alias and 13 Going On 30) gives a lot of heart and innocence to her character as the mother adopting the child. Michael Cera (from Superbad) is not in the movie a lot, but still gives something new to a role that in most movies is stereotypical. In this movie it is not. He plays the biological father of the baby. The acting deserves an oscar or two just for its mind boggling performances.

Juno does not have many visuals, but does have great sets. The houses, the atmosphere and bright colors used give the movie a great feeling for the audience. This is important for this genre of film, the audience wants to feel good or sympathetic for the characters as well as the situation. This movie does a great job with giving the audience something unexpected.

Overall, Juno is a great film. It is hilarious and still pulls the carpet from underneath the audience. It is always nice to see something new in this genre and I hope movies continue to present new and oriignal material. The acting was amazing and the jokes, while not always something teenagers would say, are still funny. Juno is highly recommended and is something even guys can enjoy watching with their girlfriends, sisters, or friends.

My Rating = Four  Stars

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