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Jennifer's Body


Jeff Nelson

this isn't because of her acting...but because of her body.

Jennifer's Body
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Ever since Transformers was released, Megan Fox has been a sensation. Most people want to see anything that she's in. However, this isn't because of her acting that they want to see her, but because of her body.

A popular cheerleader has a perfect life, but comes possessed by a demon from hell, seduces, and kills boys in her small town. For a mainstream film, the story is mediocre and has been used many times. Although, for a horror cult flick, it's an extremely entertaining idea. As many people know, Diablo Cody, who also wrote Juno, wrote Jennifer's Body. Cody attempts to use the same wit that Juno had, but didn't quite work with this film. Some lines are funny, but some fall flat. Unfortunately, the screenplay is a roller coaster with dialogue.

The two main actresses have been talked about a ton recently, Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. The two are so well-known for this film, because there is a lesbian scene between the two. Megan Fox fits her role for the look, but her acting ranges from poor to good. There are times she actually comes through as a decent actress, but other times she does an atrocious job. Amanda Seyfried did a better job, but still isn't perfect. The two women's connection seemed forced at times, but the relationship is still believable. The acting is suitable for the given film.

The camera shots work well with specific shots, such as running across the football field. The downside to the visuals department is the CGI. These computer graphics are easy to see and sometimes looks cheap.

Jennifer's Body is known to be a cult flick. The trailer sets this film to have tons of violence, gore, and nudity. The violence is there, but most of the gore is off screen or only showing the aftermath of the situation. The nudity is more of a tease than in your face nudity. Many men were teased with the fact that Megan Fox would be nude in this film, but this is a marketing scheme, nudity shots are never shown of her. Just by the poster, it's obvious this is a movie aimed towards guys. Jennifer's Body is recommended as a rental to get your own opinion.

My Rating = Three Stars

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