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Jackass 3D


Jeff Nelson

If you enjoy watching guys getting brutally hurt or doing vulgar things, this is your movie.

Jackass 3D
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The television show of Jackass began back in 2000 and was a big hit on MTV. It ended after its third season aired and released two feature films. However, it was easy to predict that a third Jackass film was on its way.

Johnny Knoxville and his group of crazy friends return after a long hiatus and subject themselves to all-new stunts involving wild animals, dangerous heights, and other things guaranteeing injuries. There obviously isn't a story or plot anywhere in the film. The purpose of watching this is to watch a bunch of morons be put into painful or gross situations, see reactions, and to laugh at them.

Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Spike Jonze, Jason Acuņa, Ryan Dunn, and Preston Lacy are all back. They're all funny in their actions and also in their reactions. Just watching this group of guys do incredibly crazy things is hilarious. These guys still got it even though they haven't been on the air or on the big screen in quite some time.

With all the 3D craze going around, it's not unexpected that this would be in 3D. However, it definitely benefits the fun. This film offers more than just depth, but has things flying out of the screen into your face. Even the moments where there isn't something coming out of the screen, everything looks great. Jackass has never looked better. Right before the credits roll, you'll see an overwhelming number of things pushing out of the screen at the audience. This movie was shot with a 3D camera and isn't put into the crappy post-coverted 3D.

There shouldn't be any confusion if Jackass 3D is for you or not. If you enjoy watching guys getting brutally hurt or doing vulgar things, this is your movie. Unfortunately, it felt short and the time goes by fast. Some of the stunts felt too quick or were just not funny. There's no doubt that there are a lot more moments that will have you laughing until your gut hurts. Any Jackass fan will be having an incredible time with this. If you don't enjoy this type of entertainment and humor, then avoid it at all costs. Jackass 3D isn't for everyone, but it's hilarious and is worth the extra few dollars for 3D.

My Rating = Three Stars

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