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In Time


Jeff Nelson

A bit too long and certainly sluggish, In Time is a disappointment.

In Time
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Based upon the trailers alone, In Time appears to be an intriguing science fiction film that has relevance with modern day economic issues. Walking in, I was fully aware that this movie would either be well-crafted or a complete and utter disaster. I simply couldn't see In Time falling somewhere in between. Unfortunately, even some screenwriters with clever concepts cannot create an immersive work. This science fiction flick surely falls into this category. For a movie attempting to take on an interesting story line, there are far too many clichés. Execution is absolutely crucial and In Time is an excellent example of a flick that ultimately failed due to poor execution.

In a near future where aging stops at 25, time is the new currency. The wealthy can live forever and the poor die much quicker. When Will Salas inherits 100 years of life from a wealthy man, he's pegged as the suspect for the man's death by the corrupt Time Keepers, who enforce the law. Quite an interesting plot. However, the screenplay quickly loses its steam. The first 15 to 20 minutes are intriguing as it shows how the world runs on the currency of time. Once this is displayed, not only are concepts repetitive but lines of dialogue are as well. I noticed multiple sentences used more than once, word for word. Each and every twist and turn is predictable. Don't expect a thrilling ride from In Time. Despite the fact that it boasts a good concept, but never makes proper use of it. What a letdown.

In Time holds a well-known cast. Justin Timberlake performs as Will Salas. He did a good job in The Social Network and is passable here, but doesn't come close to his performance seen in the first film mentioned. Cillian Murphy is Raymond Leon, who certainly has talent above this screenplay. He's a very talented actor, but this script doesn't show his dynamics. Amanda Seyfried is Sylvia Weis, the woman Will Salas kidnaps. I'm ultimately disappointed with her acting in this movie. Not only is she not believable, but becomes rather irritating throughout. Even though this cast is capable of much more, they aren't used to their full potential due to the fact that the screenplay is a mess.

This sci-fi flick shows audiences once again that bad movies attempt to distract viewers with the visual effects. In Time has some impressive special effects with entertaining chases, but it simply isn't enough. Those who are searching for a mindless visual affair may have found what they are looking for. A lot of visuals without anything to back it up. The audio is fantastic. From the opening sequence, the sound immerses the audience in the film. Many modern filmmakers cannot seem to understand that a great visual presentation doesn't make a great piece of cinema.

A bit too long and certainly sluggish, In Time is a disappointment. There isn't any suspense and the plot twists are too predictable. I didn't find myself caring very much for any of the characters. In fact, there are even portions of the movie that are dull. After the interesting elements of this world are explored, it feels as if the filmmaker quickly rushed the production of the script. The dialogue is lazy and uninspiring. If the screenwriter put more time and effort into writing this story, perhaps this could have been an effective science fiction thriller. In Time is a unsatisfying mess that should have been much better.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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