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The Island


Jeff Nelson

The Island is an all-around fun film that isn't great on any level, but is worth a viewing for those interested in the genre.

The Island
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Michael Bay is the typical direction that continues to ask for bigger explosions. However, big explosions and long chase sequences don't make a good movie. Bay is known for creating entertaining movies that aren't very well-made. Audiences should be aware that The Island isn't unique and certainly doesn't try to be. It's entertaining, but does have its share of issues that is sure to vary between viewers whether or not they are tolerable.

Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta are members of a strictly regulated indoor futuristic colony who hope to win the lottery. This is a contest in which the grand price is a trip to a utopian island. It's reportedly the last uncontaminated place on Earth. A startling discovery about the true nature of "the Island" and their very existence leads the two to stage a desperate escape to the outside world. The plot alone should take viewers back to films such as Logan's Run. The running time is quite long for an action film and the story line moves along a bit slow. Even by the time the film ends, the story doesn't feel completely fleshed out. The culprit is that instead of creating action sequences around the plot, dialogue and story developments are merely utilized to string chase sequences together. The twists and turns are predictable and it's obvious that the emphases wasn't placed upon the screenplay. Even so, the dialogues are still better than what moviegoers are used to seeing in more recent Michael Bay flicks. Despite the fact that The Island is primarily wrapped around the over-produced action scenes and is a bit long, it's still an entertaining film.

The Island features a cast filled with big names. Ewan McGregor performs as Lincoln Six Echo. He fits the character and is convincing enough. Scarlett Johansson plays alongside McGregor as Jordan Two Delta. She also carries the film along well. Both of these actors feel natural in the action and deliver the dialogue better than many other actors would have. Supporting roles are played by actors such as Sean Bean and Steve Buscemi. Bean has always been a marvelous villain and proves me right, once again. Buscemi is a phenomenal actor, although he doesn't appear in The Island for very long. The entire cast is filled with actors who make the movie even more fun to watch.

Michael Bay's speciality is the visuals department. He succeeds yet again with the special effects. The chase scenes are a bit longer than they should be, but Bay keeps it interesting. His camerawork and quick-to-cut edits are slick. Science fiction fans are sure to be glued to the screen with Michael Bay's interesting interpretation of this futuristic colony. The same can be said about the audio quality. The low end is a bit uncontrolled at times, but the surround channels and front speakers hold a large amount of information. This certainly made me feel placed directly in the middle of the action. All of Michael Bay's films have impressive audio tracks and The Island is no exception.

Similar to many other Michael Bay flicks, The Island received many mixed reviews. I personally think that this is one of Michael Bay's better movies, with the exception of the first Transformers. This is a highly entertaining science fiction action film that holds replay value. Even though there are quite a few flaws, including the fact that it's overlong, it's a fun movie that shouldn't be criticized too harshly. The Island is an all-around fun film that isn't great on any level, but is worth a viewing for those interested in the genre.

My Rating = Three Stars

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