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Jeff Nelson

Inception is flooded with stunning imagination and is so thought-provoking that it will change your standards for cinema.

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Most movies that are being released recently are adding to genres rather than creating them. This leads to many remakes, sequels, prequels, and adaptations. That is completely fine, but it shouldn't be a substitute with creating original concepts.

Cobb cuts a deal with Saito and agrees to use his ability to enter people's dreams for a special assignment involving business titan Robert Fischer Jr.. Tagging along for the ride is the new "architect", Ariadne. As far as ideas and screenwriting is concerned, Inception is absolutely phenomenal. It offers unpredictable plot points that have never been done before. Some viewers have claimed that this film is too hard to follow and is confusing. It's true that viewers need to have their full attention put into the movie to understand it. As the movie continues, it becomes more clear and gets easier to follow. The ending fits perfectly and leaves the final "question" to the audience.

With Christopher Nolan behind the camera, expect no less than top notch actors. Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, and Cillian Murphy are just a few. Leonardo DiCaprio gives yet another ground-breaking performance that feels almost too real for the screen. Ellen Page has never been seen in a role such as this and she pulls it off. Page is very natural in her performance and none of her dialogue feels forced. The entire cast is fantastic and there isn't even one single rotten actor in the bunch.

All of the big CG FX are done wonderfully. Nolan delivers a great atmosphere along with beautiful camera work. It's an artistic film that never lets up on creativity in the "dream-world".

If people are going to see only one movie for the year 2010, this is the movie. It's a film that won't even be forgotten and Christopher Nolan has created a masterpiece to top even The Dark Knight. For those who say it's too confusing either weren't paying attention or don't have the mind-set for this type of film. This is most definitely something that can be discussed for hours. Inception is flooded with stunning imagination and is so thought-provoking that it will change your standards for cinema.

My Rating = Five Stars

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