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I Love You, Man


Jeff Nelson

...a very funny movie...

I Love You, Man
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Going across America, you aren't going to find a person who has not heard of this movie. First of all, the advertising was extraordinary and gave this movie worldwide hype and excitement. I first saw the trailer and was laughing throughout it. I was just hoping it wasn't going to end up like Dan In Real Life. The trailer for that film was great, but the movie itself was dreadfully boring. I went opening weekend to see I Love You, Man anyway, and I was surprised.

From the beginning of his career, I have always had a great appreciation for Paul Rudd (Peter Clavin). He has great acting skills, is a great comedian with excellent standup. Anything this man is in just has to be, at least, decent. Second of all, the movie wouldn't be what it was without Jason Segel (Sydney). This man has been in the TV show How I Met Your Mother but it took a while for him to get recognition. He finally made it into movies and starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was great. As a team, these two comedians make this movie what it is, one of the funniest movies so far this year!

This movie provides a lot of laugh-out-loud jokes and quite a few awkward moments. Like all movies in this tone that have been coming out in the past 3 years, it has a sweet ending. This takes up the tone of Superbad. The story has never been used and was very unique. This movie might be very lost without this as a base. The flaws with this movie are that, at times, the characters can become very annoying. Another flaw is the editing in the movie. There was also a lot of silence that was not necessary which could of been easily edited out.

As you decide what to see within the next week, keep I Love You, Man in mind. Although, leave the kids at home, since it is definitely not one for children. Take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friends to go see this ione. This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh throughout. Once the movie ends, you will be saying, "I Love You, Paul Rudd"

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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