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Jeff Nelson

An underrated film that deserves much more recognition...

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Viewing the poster of this film, the immediate guess is that this is a horror flick. The poster is misleading. It's a thriller. This film isn't even close to being in the horror category. But, Identity has more than meets the eye.at first glance.

A terrible storm sweeps through a hotel. A group of strangers are isolated inside and begin to know each other and get picked off one by one. The plot is interesting and as the movie continues, it gets even more fascinating. The script is near flawless and doesn't ever disappoint. The entire film is unique and has perfect pacing.

In recent thrillers, John Cusack gives the most engrossing performance. This is one of his darker films in which he adjusts quite well. Every character is played to near perfection. These actors give a realistic atmosphere and present characters the audience care about.

Since the entire film is taking place in a storm, it's very dark and rainy. This gives an eerie and ominous atmosphere that makes it almost difficult to see at times. The rain is used effectively. It's not there for no reason and is not just a sprinkle. It's heavily pouring rain throughout the movie and fits the film well.

Thriller and suspense films are starting to look the same. Identity gives new light to the genre. This is what truly superb filmmaking is all about. The characters are intriguing and the ending is incredibly shocking. This is an underrated film that deserves much more recognition. Identity is highly recommended.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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