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Halloween II (2009)


Jeff Nelson

Halloween II is distant from the rest of the Halloween franchise...

Halloween II (2009)
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There was previously a review for Halloween 2 (2009), but since it's a bit more difficult to find the theatrical cut, I believe it's necessary to rewrite the review and focus it on the director's cut. Rob Zombie stated that this is the cut that he preferred and wanted to be released in theaters.

After Michael Myers's horrific Halloween night massacre in Haddonfield, the people who live there try to recover, but the nightmare isn't over. The film takes place in the hospital, just like Halloween 2 did back in 1981. However, this time, that's just a very short part of the movie. From there on out, Zombie takes the viewer on a completely different route that's completely unrealistic to the Halloween franchise. Dr. Sam Loomis has become a different human being than he is in the first one. He's become a vulgar man and it destroys his character. Michael Myers has always been seen as a dark figure that doesn't speak, the only sound coming from him is breathing under the mask. The audience never gets to see behind the mask and it makes him scary. He's shown many times in this with the mask off and grunts throughout. This tears apart the killer behind the mask as all the mystery and tension is dead. Not to mention that Zombie's wife is given an unnecessary role as the ghost of Michael Myers's mother. It's just a pathetic excuse to bring her back. The dialogue in the theatrical definitely isn't strong, but the director's cut is even worse. There are more conflicts between Laurie Strode and her friend Annie. None of the conversations feel real and are actors just cussing back and forth at each other. I'm aware that Rob Zombie's style includes a lot of this, but the swearing didn't flow like Zombie's previous films.

The surviving cast from the first returns. Scout Taylor-Compton flies off the tracks and she doesn't deliver the dramatic moments well. Danielle Harris and Brad Dourif give satisfying performances. I enjoyed the performance of Daeg Faerch in the remake of the first Halloween as young Michael Myers. He's replaced by another child actor and even though he doesn't really speak, his presence is irritating. It's never easy accepting an actor being replaced.

The look of the film is quite obvious. It's dark and grainy. There are some shots that are beautifully filmed by Zombie. One of these include the hospital chase into the rain. Everything from the camera angles to the atmosphere and sets fit the Halloween universe phenomenally well.

This movie is a shame since Zombie knows what he's doing behind the camera. This is obvious during The Devil's Rejects. The theatrical cut wasn't a masterpiece, but it is certainly better than the director's cut. Even the ending is changed and falls flat. Halloween II is distant from the rest of the Halloween franchise and the director's cut slaughters the film further.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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