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Jeff Nelson

...a throwback to the good old days of horror before all the PG-13 horror crap came about.

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On movie posters, there's always a hook to catch people's attention. Rather it's commenting on how exciting and excellent the film is or sometimes simply a reason to view the film. Hatchet claims to be old school American horror. This will catch the attention of many genre fans, since it's true, filmmakers don't make horror like they used to.

Ben and Marcus embark on a nighttime boat trip with a bunch of strangers, whcih leads them to the lair of Victor Crowley, a freak of nature whose deformity has turned him into a bloodthirsty killer. Only Marybeth, one of the travelers, holds the secret that may keep them alive. The screenplay isn't bad for a horror flick. The dialogue is surprisingly witty and clever. There are quite a few funny lines said throughout. Keeping in mind this is a throwback to old horror flicks. The plot is thin, but has an eerie story to go with it.

The main character, played by Joel Moore, has moved onto much bigger and more mainstream films, such as Avatar. However, he delivers his role well. Tamara Feldman acts as Marybeth and connects well with Moore. These two actors put on a show, while Kane Hodder, playing Victor Crowley, is an amazing killer. Hodder is known for playing the killers and really does pull Crowley off.

The director, Adam Green, wanted all of the effects to be practical and nothing to be done on the computer. This brings us back to old horror, which looks much better. Camera angles are standard and for the most part, the sets look suitable.

For the most part, Hatchet is the old school American horror most audiences miss. However, this film is not to be taken seriously. It's purposefully funny and meant to be a bit tacky and unrealistic. Hatchet is worth a rental for those looking for a throwback to the good old days of horror before all the PG-13 horror crap came about.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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