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Hatchet II


Jeff Nelson

Simply put, Hatchet II looks substantially better than the original.

Hatchet II
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In October 2010, U.S. audiences have been lucky to receive the sequel to Adam Green's Hatchet that fans have been anticipating. Another Hatchet means more problems with the MPAA. There was a lot of controversy over the first film getting an R, as it continued to receive the NC-17 rating. The same problem occurred at the beginning of this project, but Adam Green was smart to avoid the MPAA altogether by releasing it without any rating. Yes, that's right, it's being released theatrically unrated.

Picking up from the very moment Hatchet ended, Marybeth escapes the swamp inhabited by the vicious murderer Victor Crowley. Determined to avenge the murders of her family, Marybeth teams up with Rev. Zombie to end Crowley once and for all. One of the biggest differences between this sequel and the original is that Hatchet II goes much more in depth with the story. Adam Green gives more of a back story not given in the first Hatchet and integrates it very well. The comedy is back and better than ever and fits into the film more naturally than it did in the first. There are a few lines that are gut-wrenchingly funny. Not all hardcore horror fans will love the idea of this one actually having more of a story than the first, but it helps the film.

The moment the cast was announced, I got even more excited for this one. We get some horror legends such as Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder. Harris replaces Tamara Feldman as Marybeth and does a great job. At first it feels a bit odd, especially watching the two films back-to-back, but Danielle Harris fits in so well. She especially delivers later on in the film when she has her final moments with Crowley. Tony Todd does a great job, as well, since Rev. Zombie definitely fits Tony Todd. Kane Hodder is back as another slasher, but also is Crowley's father in flashbacks. In both roles, he's incredible. As Victor's dad, he does a truly emotional scene that he pulls off to perfection. Parry Shen is back as the twin brother of one of the characters in the first. It's fantastic to see him back delivering the laughs. AJ Bowen is great, has a fun presence generally in film and still does in Hatchet II. He also delivers dialogue very well. The cast does a great job with supplying the audience with one hell of a time. Don't expect Oscar winning performances, expect actors who know what they're doing with the genre.

Simply put, Hatchet II looks substantially better than the original. Adam Green never disappoints with camera work and atmosphere. We cannot mention visuals without speaking about the buckets and buckets of gore flying on screen. It all looks awesome and Green definitely gives some of the best kills seen on the big screen. Not to spoil anything, but one has to do with a belt sander and the other a chainsaw that puts Leatherface to shame.

Those that are viewing this as a movie that requires you to think aren't watching this as intended. Keep the same thoughts as with the first one, since it's not meant to be taken seriously. It's a fun, entertaining, hilarious, and gory film made for us fans who miss the slashers from the 80's. I enjoy walking out of a movie with a grin on my face from ear to ear rather than feeling like shit. If this clearly isn't your type of film, that's fine, but all slasher fans must see this. Hatchet II will make each viewer walk out feeling good. Adam Green doesn't disappoint his fans and gives one of the best horror sequels of recent time. This film is playing at AMC's, if its not playing by you, request it at your nearest AMC. This is the time horror fans need to band together to show that unrated horror is how it should be released. Adam Green will be known as the incredible filmmaker who brought back unrated horror to the cinemas and gives his audience one of the best times they'll have in the theatre.

My Rating = Four Stars

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