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Jeff Nelson

Hostel is strictly for fans of the genre.

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Hostel received a lot of hype before being released theatrically and caused many viewers to run out of the theaters, throw up, or pass out. This shocked the nation and caused some to even protest against it. Is Hostel really one of the grossest films to hit wide release, or is it just rumor?

Two American backpackers, Paxton and Josh, head to a hostel in Slovakia for attractive women to sleep with, but instead become objects of torture in an unimaginable house of twisted horrors. The direct plot is uncreative and has been used repetitively, but as the film continues, there are quite a few creative elements. The screenplay mostly consists of many cuss words and speaking of having sex with women. Don't expect an award winning script.

Horror films such as these usually contain terrible actors who are unrealistic. This is true for most of the cast, but Jay Hernandez (Paxton) actually gives an adequate performance. He's a fun character to follow and is a someone for the audience to clap and root for.

The filming style matches the movie and is grim and dark. There are no real colors that pop from the screen except the reds and occasional greens. The torture rooms are frightening and what's done to the victims can be highly disturbing. Interestingly enough, the audio is what makes the torture scenes as discomforting as they are. The director, Eli Roth, does an excellent job on capturing the distress of those being tortured, giving the audience an ugly, claustrophobic feeling.

People have set this movie to be one of the most unsettling mainstream films to date. This is far from the truth. It's tame compared to to some of the more recent violent flicks to be released. The torture scenes are few and spread throughout the film. There are one or two quick scenes that can cause anybody to cringe. The tension set in the movie is incredible and doesn't let up. This film definitely isn't for everybody, Eli Roth has even stated so himself. Hostel is strictly for fans of the genre.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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