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Hostel: Part III


Jeff Nelson

Hostel: Part III is an absolute piece of garbage.

Hostel: Part III
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Writer/Director Eli Roth created both Hostel and Hostel: Part II, which got quite a bit of buzz going. Some was positive and a lot was negative, but at least it got people talking and curious to check the movies out. The followers who did enjoy the first two movies craved a third entry. However, Eli Roth wasn't interested in creating another sequel. This is when a series should end. Unfortunately, Hostel: Part III still was put into production. Once the synopsis and cast were announced, it was quite clear that it wouldn't be released into theaters. It received a direct-to-DVD release without being advertised.

While attending a bachelor party is Las Vegas, four friends are enticed by two sexy escorts to join them at a private party way off the Strip. Once there, they are horrified to find themselves the subjects of a perverse game of torture, where members of the Elite Hunting Club are hosting the most sadistic show in town. It actually sounded cool for the Elite Hunting Club to take the torture to Las Vegas. So much could have been done with this concept. Unfortunately, it's a missed opportunity. Both of the first entries into this trilogy are reasonably fast paced and doesn't take too long to get to the point. However, Hostel: Part III feels like an eternity until the film kicks into high gear. Instead, audiences are forced to sit through a majority of the running time watching drama between idiotic characters. These are the most unlikable roles in the entire trilogy. Not only do they make dumb decisions, but I never once cared about any of the fates of the characters. For those who thought the dialogue in the other movies was bad, Hostel: Part III has cringe-worthy writing. One huge issue the flick has is that it focuses way too much on these awful lead roles instead of the Elite Hunting Club. The gambling aspect of the torture is actually interesting, but it isn't shown very much and is never expanded upon. The primary reasons people watch this series is to watch the torture sequences. Well, they're unbearably disappointing. Gore hounds will find it very underwhelming. The ending is extraordinarily tacky and over-the-top that it left me rolling my eyes.

With such a crappy script, no self-respecting actor who is getting work would sign up for this. Instead, we have a cast that is unknown for the most part. Even if this was to be an Oscar-winning cast, nothing could have saved the screenplay. This is the type of acting that one would expect to see in a B-movie flick. The actors highly contributed, especially in Hostel: Part II, to the shock value of some of the torture sequences. Well, this isn't true in the third entry. Instead, I found myself laughing on several occasions at the acting. Oh, what a great comedy this has become.

Eli Roth's style is what truly completed the atmosphere for these flicks. WIth him gone, so is the ambiance. Just by looking at the visuals, you can tell how small the budget is. The dark filters and whatnot are all gone and a cheesy, soft look is introduced. The shoestring budget is especially shown during the torture scenes. They look very fake and there are many times that the camera simply cuts out what happens and leaves it to your imagination. This works in a thriller, but when it comes to a series where the entire part of watching is to see carnage it becomes pointless. There's only one torture sequence that is decent. This is the very first one to be seen. Every single one after that is either bloodless or very underwhelming. The audio on the disc is just as awful as the visuals. For most of the film, the sound remains in the front stage. The surround speakers aren't utilized until the final act.

Unlike the last two films, this isn't even entertaining. I found myself bored and my mind wandering several times. I didn't expect to have a thrilling plot or characters with layers of depth, but at least roles that I found fun to follow and a lot of violence. Well, this flick doesn't offer very much of that. The first two Hostel flicks are quite brutal and doesn't cut away from what's going on very much. In the third entry, the camera constantly leaves the violence to the imagination. This eliminates the entire point of watching a movie that focuses on shock value. The ending is over-the-top, in a bad way. The acting is so bad at times that you'll find yourself laughing. Hostel: Part III is an absolute piece of garbage. Whether you're a fan of the series or not, avoid this at all costs.

My Rating = One Star

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