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Hostel Part II


Jeff Nelson

Hostel Part II is more gruesome than its original.

Hostel Part II
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The first Hostel shocked people nationwide, even though it wasn't nearly as grotesque as some smaller films not known to everyone. Is it possible that Hostel Part II is more gruesome than its original?

Three young Americans check into a Slovakian hostel where, for a price, wealthy psychopaths can live out their most gruesome fantasies on these American victims. The story is practically the same paper-thin plot, but with women instead of men and gets into the torture a bit quicker and much less nudity. Most of the dialogue is tasteless. Can't expect too much from the script of a Hostel film.

Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, and Heather Matarazzo are the three main women. Of these three women, Bijou Phillips is the best actress. In her torture scene, she's obviously the best of the entire crew. Phillips makes her scene so realistic that it's tough to watch. The rest of the cast isn't anything special, although they do suitable bringing their characters to life.

When so many mainstream theatergoers saw Hostel, they called it one of the most disgusting flicks they had ever seen. However, Hostel Part II is much more disturbing than the first. There are many more torture scenes including more gross clips throughout. A man has his genitals tore off and fed to dogs or a woman bathing in a bath tub covered in blood with a bleeding woman hanging upside down above her. Scenes such as this will make most movie buffs just turn the film off.

It's obvious that this film isn't for children or the faint of heart. For those who are still interested in viewing this flick, it's a disappointment that it does miss the tension built in the first one. The tone and feeling of the film is ripped away from the original and replaced with mindless gore and violence. Hostel Part II isn't as taut as the first part, but is worth a rental for those who can stomach the torture scenes.

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My Rating = Three Stars

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