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The House of the Devil


Jeff Nelson

The concept for the movie has been used several times before...

The House of the Devil
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Horror and supernatural films have changed drastically over the past thirty years. In recent times, they're meant to rake in cash and give cheap jump scares. Thirty years ago, they were meant to dig under your skin, screw with your head and make a truly entertaining movie. However, they were hit and miss just as they are now.

A college student named Samantha needs money, so she takes up a babysitting job during a full lunar eclipse. The night will end with her fighting for her life as she soon discovers her employers are hiding a twisted secret. The concept for the movie has been used several times throughout the history of filmmaking. The screenplay is written with big gaps of just silence to help create tension. A lot of the dialogue is ordinary, but is intended for the old 1980s horror feel.

Jocelin Donahue is our lead Samantha and is a very important role. Donahue captures the look well and still does an acceptable job carrying her lines. She can sometimes be annoying or cliché with putting too much emotion into a couple lines. Tom Noonan, one of the employers, does an extraordinary job by being an extra creepy villain and does an exceptionally strong job at it.

Since the film is taking up a feel from the 1980s, it's important for sets and visuals to match those from the time period. Ti West, the writer/director/editor, does a tremendous job giving this movie the exact look of a 1980s film. Everything from the clothes to the hair to the grain on the screen, it's an exact replica of a 1980s horror flick.

The House of the Devil will be adored by those who love the 1980 horror movies. Unfortunately, the movie is extremely slow and drags out, which will turn off most of its audiences. There are moments in this movie where it's creepy and suspenseful, but it doesn't have enough of it. The last ten minutes are outstanding, but this isn't enough to save the overall film. The House of the Devil is worth seeing, but watch with caution.

My Rating = Three Stars

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