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Halloween (2007)


Jeff Nelson

Rob Zombie...takes a run at a remake.]

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Halloween has been a slasher series for a long time. Ever since John Carpenter came up with the original version of this film, sequels have just been busting out and making tons of cash. Rob Zombie (director of House of 1000 Corpses and Devil's Rejects) takes a run at a remake.

Rob Zombie has stated that he wishes he did not watch the original film because it went too much in his mind while making this film. He wanted it to be his own vision, not a shot for shot remake of the original. There are quite a few similarities, but still a lot of differences. Halloween did not focus on tension and fear as much as the John Carpenter classic. This showed more of the madman, Michael Myers', past and what drove him to become a psychotic killer. In ways, the beginning of the film is a prequel, but comes back to where the first one went. The story is just like any other prequel of a film, but mixed into a remake.

When casting for a horror movie remake, it can be very nerve-racking. Horror fans may be turned off by the actors who are chosen for roles. It came to no surprise that Rob's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, was cast as Michael Myers' mother. She gave a decent performance giving something she hasn't shown to audiences before. Sheri has never played the role of a mother who truly cares for her child. For the most part, the cast was chosen correctly, but when the children that were being babysat are concerned, it was a big mistake. Luckily for him, Rob Zombie did not get too many complaints on the casting.

Any company that supports a remake, such as this, will no doubt have a big budget. Rob Zombie gives great effects with quite a few gruesome props to go along with the scenery. Michael even kills a few people and set them up on display. The way it was set up gave this movie a more serious tone. The biggest issue fans were worried about was what Michael's mask would look like. Some liked the difference, some hated it. I personally thought this mask gave more of a 21st century terror to the mask. It looks dirty, messed up, and cracked while the original's looked clean and pure white. The visuals are great and won't disappoint.

Overall, Halloween is a decent remake. It can be hard to live up to a classic that many people learned to love. Rob Zombie's vision is not copying too much from John Carpenter's. He puts in his 2 cents in and I respect that. He couldn't be sure of the reaction he would get from the audience, but it took guts to make it his own and make it as he would see this story taking place. There are a few sex scenes, which are pretty explicit on the woman's end. This is not unusual for a Rob Zombie film, though. If you are a fan of the sub-genre of slashers, then Halloween is recommended.

My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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