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Halloween 2 (2009)


Jeff Nelson

"...captures terror perfectly

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The director and writer Rob Zombie has been known for making movies with a lot of sex, blood, violence, and entertainment. He is the type of guy the public loves or hates, and is usually passionate about being one or the other. I am personally a loyal fan to Zombie and always have been. Whether you are a lover or a hater, Halloween 2 will be on your radar.

The story takes off right from where the first left off. Michael Myers has been shot by his sister Laurie and now is searching to find her again for unknown and mixed reasons. The story itself is not fresh, as there have been many sequels to the original, but Zombie has his own touch he puts into his films. In a Rob Zombie film, story does not matter very much.

Every Rob Zombie film that has been released, or ever will be released, has his wife Sheri Moon Zombie involved. She plays Michael Myers' mother, in this sequel to the remake she is an hallucination, like a ghost, who appears to Michael and Laurie. This is the only thing that dropped the grade from 4.5 stars to 4 stars. It is just a lame excuse to bring Sheri into the film and went over the line. Otherwise, she did a great job once again, by bringing something new to everything she does. Scout Taylor-Compton, who plays Laurie Strode, gives a great performance as well. She shows the wild and tough side of the character that we did not get to see in the previous films, while still being vulnerable and scared. Not only does Scout have the perfect look for her role, she delivers it perfectly.

In the previous Halloween film, the sets were very closed off and small. in Halloween 2, the sets are much larger and more complex. Each scene was executed just right with the realistic blood and human body props. Rob Zombie never disappoints in the visuals category of his films.

Overall. Halloween ll is something that I have been waiting for as a fan for a long time. Unlike the first film, it does not even have one sex scene. Some fans will be excited to hear that, some will be disappointed, but there is only one or two nudity shots in the entire film. This movie concentrates on the relationship between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode and how no matter what they do, they will always be pulled back together. I am very proud of Rob Zombie for making such a great film. My mind did not wonder once in the film. The writing is good and is able to capture terror perfectly. The look Michael Myers has and the way it is shot, shows Michael Myers in a way he has never been shown before. If any of the Halloween flicks are to scare viewers, it is this one. As Rob Zombie's last stab at a Halloween flick, he did a wonderful job.

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My Rating = Three and One Half Stars

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