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Jeff Nelson

Hereafter is another magnificent film from director Clint Eastwood and is highly recommended to all fans of cinema.

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Clint Eastwood is one of the very best directors out there. If his name is behind it, then my ticket is purchased. However, I was particularly surprised to see Clint Eastwood pick up Hereafter. An American, a French journalist, and a London school boy are all touched by death in different ways. The idea is a simple question that most people ask themselves throughout their lives, which is what happens to us after we die? The screenplay is written very well, but it unfortunately doesn't take very many risks. Nonetheless, the dialogue is fantastic and will make you laugh and even tear up at times. There are some witty lines, as well as some very emotionally strong conversations executed well without being tacky.

When there's a director such as Clint Eastwood, you can expect a cast that can go above and beyond. Matt Damon does an absolutely fantastic job. He really becomes his character and is convincing in his role. CÚcile De France is a stunning actress and has shown her talent off in numerous French films. This movie isn't an exception for her. Frankie McLaren and George McLaren are twins and seem to switch off playing Marcus and Jason. Both of them are surprisingly great. These are some of the best performances you'll see from children this age. I'm sure Clint Eastwood has a lot to do with the actors being so incredible.

The biggest moment in the trailer is the killer tsunami as it hits land, destroys, and kills nearly everything in sight. In each film in which I've seen tsunamis, they're depicted to be hundreds of feet tall and towering over everything. This film shows tsunamis in a more realistic scenario where it may not be huge, but it's a mass of water moving hundreds of miles per hour into buildings and people. The visuals are all astonishing. When someone is experiencing death, the viewer is taken through what is presumably "death". It's shown and expressed in a very unique fashion. Each one of the three main characters live in a completely different part of the world in an entirely different life and they're all contrasted to perfection.

There are too many drama films that are simply echos of each other or just aren't powerful enough. Fortunately, Hereafter is exactly the opposite. It can be extremely powerful and will even drive tears out of its audiences. This film won't be forgotten anytime soon. Hereafter is another magnificent film from director Clint Eastwood and is highly recommended to all fans of cinema.

My Rating = Four Stars

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