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Hard Candy


Jeff Nelson

...who is the prey and who is the pedator?

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Many people find new movies to watch through the actors that they like. I follow Ellen Page frequently because every movie she does has meaning and is different from everything else that comes out. I looked at her previous works and there I saw Hard Candy. Hard Candy is about a smart teenager who meets an older man through the Internet. She goes to his house and begins to drink alcohol, but the mystery is, who is the prey and who is the pedator? I think the story pulls the audience in to want more until the final scene. It is always throwing another small twist onto the story to keep it interesting as a lot of the movie is dialogue, but soon becomes a cat and mouse game of survival.

Everyone will recognize Ellen Page (Juno), and will most likely recognize Patrick Wilson (Lakeview Terrace) as well. These are the main two actors/ Others are talked about but not shown for more than a few seconds to a minute. Ellen puts on a perfect performance and gives passion to the role she is in. Patrick also gives a great performance, making the audience confused as to whether they should like him or hate him. Each line is delivered with the actor's heart and none fails.

There is a lot of excellent photography used in the visuals. Everything is captured perfectly, even during the most dramatic situations. The lighting and camera angles of the sunset are beautiful to the eye. There are not many visuals in this movie, but the ones that are used in the photography are top notch.

Overall, Hard Candy is a magnificent film. I have seen this movie three or four times and I love it the same every time I view it. Hard Candy gets a very high recommendation. It is for everybody to see.

My Rating = Four and One Half  Stars

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