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The Haunting in Connecticut


Jeff Nelson

...a true(?) story...

The Haunting in Connecticut
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Just like any “true story” it begins the movie saying it is a true story. Right from the start the atmosphere is set. That atmosphere happens to be terror, dark and faded. There are good things about the movie, but quite a few flaws.

Even though this is a horror movie with most of the cast being unknown, the acting was decent. It seemed realistic and the emotions were very deep, only one or two flat lines were delivered. The visuals were great, very rich and realistic looking. Explosions, exorcisms and the cinematography were all great. The best things in this movie were the jump scares.

Some of those consisted of men appearing in mirrors, someone almost being strangled by a shower curtain and flashbacks popping up. A few of them are already known from other films, but don't let that turn you off. They are edited at the perfect moment and will scare you even if you have seen that scare before. For every good thing, there is a bad thing. That one thing is that the movie relied too much on scares rather than characters. Around 95% of the movie was jump scares to creep you out, some of which were bad scares. Obviously, most of the scares were worthy.

Overall, this movie is interesting and extremely creepy. This will make you look around when you hear bumps in the night. If you enjoyed The Amityville Horror or House on Haunted Hill you are sure to like this one. I advise once the movie has ended, don't leave the theater yet. There are pictures of the “real” cop-taken photos. In ways some of those photos were more disturbing than the movie. Just like any haunted house movie, it will not be Oscar-worthy, but is worth going to see.

My Rating = Three Stars

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