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The Green Lantern


Jeff Nelson

The Green Lantern is a letdown as it isn't nearly as entertaining as the trailer implies.

The Green Lantern
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(2 out of 5 stars) Fans of the original comic book superheroes are seeing childhood favorites come to life in live action on the big screen. While most are dissatisfied with a good majority of the releases, some defend the films as much as they can. The Green Lantern isn't as well-known as Batman and Superman, but still holds a rather large fan base. I have learned to not trust the reviews of comic book addicts as they lower their expectations so low in order for the movie to still impress them. Movies should be assessed through the film and not how good or bad the comic books or novels that filmmakers adapted it from are. I'm sure that moviegoers weren't expecting The Dark Knight when checking out The Green Lantern, but I was hoping for at least an enjoyable ride.

Hal Jordan, a brash and talented test pilot, is chosen by an alien force of warriors to become their representative on Earth and use his new powers as the Green Lantern to promote order and justice before conflict destroys Earth. Despite being the first human to wear the ring that bestows his abilities, Hal must fight villain Parallax. To put it simply, the screenplay is an absolute mess. It feels as if the screenwriter had no idea who the characters were and how to introduce them, so they decided to simply provide us with little to no backstory on any of them. This leads to audiences not caring about any of the character and whether they overcome obstacles or not. I never felt that I understood even Hal, the main character. He's as one-dimensional as they come and we aren't given anything more about his past except concerning his father's fate. The dialogue is extremely tacky and the humor feels forced. The ending is as predictable as ever. If you thought that some of the other superhero films were lifeless, The Green Lantern shows that it can get worse.

I have never been a big fan of the comic books of this particular hero, so I didn't follow the casting decisions as many of the fans did. Ryan Reynolds performs as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. With a script such as this, it's difficult to deliver an impressive performance. Reynolds is fine and conveys the same type of kooky performance one would find in most of his silly roles. Blake Lively is Carol Ferris. While she impressed me with her portrayal in The Town, the same cannot be said for The Green Lantern. Most of the blame is on the screenplay, but her acting doesn't particularly aid in creating a well-crafted film. Some good actors such as Mark Strong and Tim Robbins ultimately disappoint. This cast was doomed from the beginning due to the quality of the screenplay.

One would expect that the visuals would be there to save the day, right? Well in this case, wrong. The use of CG often feels as if audiences are watching a cartoon. The suit Reynolds wears looks mediocre, at best. The effects of the superhero abilities look rather disappointing. Not to mention the fact that the powers could have been used and displayed much better than the final product. I'm not sure what happened with the visuals. However, the audio is a completely different story. This track is active from start to finish. Each speaker pours out an extreme amount of sound and doesn't let up.

Readers may be asking what actually worked for The Green Lantern. Not very much. It could have been much more entertaining. The film feels rushed to simply make a quick buck. The fans of the comic books deserve a much stronger adaptation than they received with this. The ending leaves a lot of space for a sequel and if one was to be made, I would hope that Warner Bros. takes their time to create a better film. Those who want his or her fill on superhero fun should spend the time to see the well-made ones. This certainly isn't one of them. The Green Lantern is a letdown as it isn't nearly as entertaining as the trailer implies.

My Rating = Two Stars

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