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Grimm Love


Jeff Nelson

Grimm Love is a gripping film, but beware of some very odd and disturbing content.

Grimm Love
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It's a great feeling when a movie completely catches its reviewer off guard. With Grimm Love, I was expecting another Hostel-esque rip off. I truly ate my words.

A research student descends into depravity in order to understand the mind of a homosexual cannibal killer. The story sounds quite ridiculous, but when put into full effect, it's not bad. The screenplay is well written and the narrative dialogue is intelligent and makes incredible similes and metaphors.

Thomas Kretschmann gives an extremely ominous and creepy performance as the psychopathic cannibal. Thomas Huber does a tremendous job playing the main victim and love interest. These two actors truly connect and put on one hell of a show.

In a psychological thriller such as this, it's important for it to be visually interesting. Grimm Love keeps a gritty look with some extremely amazing cinematography. Many of the shots caught could be classified as art work.

Grimm Love is a truly disturbing film that is definitely not for everybody. In fact, it will have a rather small fan base. This movie is less about the cannibalism itself and more about the drama behind it and uncovering the truth. The audience is finding out the truth just as the college researcher is. Grimm Love is a gripping film, but beware of some very odd and disturbing content.

My Rating = Four Stars

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