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Jeff Nelson

Gamer is an entire waste of any audience's time.

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It's the worst feeling having been hyped to view a film for so long and finding out it's garbage. Fortunately, this doesn't happen very frequently, but it's disappointing that it occurs at all. Unfortunately, Gamer is one of those films.

It's 2034 and humans can control and kill each other in an online gaming word. Kable, a wrongfully convicted soldier forced into the competition, tries to free himself by taking out its evil architect, Ken. Most of the mainstream public has seen trailers for this and it looked quite interesting at the time. it starts out being original, but quickly sprints downhill. This movie turns into a complete cliché mess that cannot be stopped. The screenwriting is an utter disgrace. Every decent moment the movie has was ruined by tasteless dialogue.

Another reason this movie seemed good from a glance is the cast. Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall in one movie sounds like one hell of a combo. However, Gerard Butler has said himself the movie is garbage. After Gerard Butler was already attached to this movie, the director and script was changed on him and he was forced to continue his role in this trash. This caused him and Michael C. Hall to lose motivation. Gerard Butler has little dialogue and Michael C. Hall isn't into his role as he is with all the rest of the characters he's played in the past.

For those who moderately liked this, the visuals are what saved it. The style of filming can be quite gothic and turn to extremely bright and colorful in the computer world. Whenever an action scene is occurring, the explosions and gunfire are rather tasteful.

It's unfortunate that this turned out to be a dud. It looked like it could of been absolutely incredible. Hopefully, the next time Michael C. Hall hits the big screen, the film is in the same caliber as his terrific acting. Gerard Butler got caught in a bad deal and made up for it with Law Abiding Citizen by putting his all into it. Gamer is an entire waste of any audience's time.

Next movie: Battle Royale II

My Rating = One Star

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