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Jeff Nelson

Ghost is memorable film to which I give a firm recommendations for all audiences.

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Most men that enjoy attending a film at the local theater check out movies that have plenty of explosions, car chases, and guns. While there are some, not many men enjoy seeing a romantic flick that have sappy cAnd omponents. Ghost is one of the extremely rare movies in the genre that remains just as enjoyable for men as it is for women. The entires in the romantic genre are generally cliché and stale. Even 21 years after its release, the film still feels fresh as can be.

Sam and Molly see their romance shattered when a street thug kills Sam during a mugging. Love endures beyond the grave when spectral Sam learns that Molly is in danger and he must find a way to warn her before she suffers his fate. I've seen Ghost numerous times, but have recently decided to see if my opinion of the film still stands. It certainly still does. The screenplay has an excellent mix of romance, comedy, and drama. The characters are much more fleshed out than those seen in your average chick flick. Viewers will find themselves genuinely caring what happens to Molly and hoping Sam is able to prevent her death. One of my favorite characters of the movie is Oda Mae Brown. She's the only living person able to see Sam and aids him in protecting Molly. This character delivers the laughs and will definitely be a favorite of the audience. Even though Ghost is longer than most motion pictures in the genre, the pacing is good and keeps the attention of the viewer from start to finish.

The acting is just as great as I remember it being. Patrick Swayze represents Sam perfectly. Unfortunately, Swayze has passed away at the age of 57. He will always be remembered by moviegoers worldwide for his achievements in the film industry. May he rest in peace. Demi Moore plays Molly well. She displays emotion excellently without going over the top. Whoopi Goldberg rightfully deserved her Oscar win performing as Oda Mae Brown. Goldberg is hilarious in this role. None of the acting is poor as the casting is spot on.

Ghost is more than just a romance flick. Even though it incorporates elements from a chick flick, it offers elements from other genres as well. There's something for both male and female viewers to enjoy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the repetitive chick flicks could do the same? There's a lot to like about this film and very little to complain about. It's excellent to see this piece of cinema still shine after 21 years. Ghost is memorable film to which I give a firm recommendations for all audiences.

My Rating = Four Stars

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