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The Green Hornet


Jeff Nelson

There are plenty of strong superhero films to see, but this isn't one of them.

The Green Hornet
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Only a few years ago, a good superhero film was pretty rare to come upon. However, a number of these comic book adaptations hitting the big screen turned out to be rather impressive. Other film studios couldn't help but release their own superhero films in order to cash in on the genre. Does The Green Hornet stand among the big titles or just fall flat?

After the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father's giant company, teams up with his father's assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team. From the beginning, the audience is already introduced to a rather trite start. This steals from just about every superhero film you could possibly think of. The screenplay tries hard to be humorous and only generates one or two scenes worth a chuckle. A lot more territory should have been explored, but the entire plot feels very bland. While Kato could have been an interesting character to follow, Britt Reid is an irritating character that just isn't likable anywhere from the beginning to the end. The film tries hard to be funny and then tries hard to have over-the-top action scenes, not quite succeeding in either category.

The cast even shows a mix between those who have been in action and others who have starred in comedies. Seth Rogen performs as Britt Reid, which just never quite felt right. Jay Chou is fine as Kato, but would have liked to see more of his character than Rogen's. Cameron Diaz doesn't receive as much screen time as I expected her to get. Both Tom Wilkinson and Christoph Waltz have given very impressive performances in the past, so I'm not sure what inspired them to star in The Green Hornet. I enjoyed their presence on screen, but this is clearly a waste of their talents.

When the film isn't trying to be funny, it's trying to blow as much stuff up as possible. None of the action scenes are fresh or original, but they're entertaining. While Britt Reid doesn't bring much to the action scenes, Kato is awesome. However, the visuals get repetitive with the slow motion. The largest assets of The Green Hornet are definitely the explosions. They're big and loud enough to please action fans.

After the credits roll, the visuals aren't enough to hold the film. There isn't anything behind the big explosions. I never expected any depth from the film, but the screenplay is an inexcusable mess. Take all the cliché comic book films you've seen over the past few years and mix that with a PG-13 Seth Rogen. This just doesn't mesh correctly. The Green Hornet tries too hard to be funny and then tries to be a great action movie. It can't seem to find out which it wants to be, but it doesn't quite pull off either. There are plenty of strong superhero films to see, but this isn't one of them.

My Rating = Two Stars

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