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Get Him to the Greek


Jeff Nelson

...is recommended to anyone who enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Get Him to the Greek
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In the film industries, most studios create film sequels to milk the success that the first received. Most of them get the same title as the first, but have a number representing what sequel in the franchise it is. It's made obvious in several occasions throughout the film, but Get Him to the Greek appears to be an indirect sequel of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. An intern at a record company, Aaron Greenberg, must escort Aldous Snow to Los Angeles for the start of his world tour. He must do whatever it takes to get the rocker from Point A to Point B and keep him intact. The story isn't a new concept, but that's not all filmmaking is about. The execution is one of the most important elements and that's exactly what the film set out to do. The writing is hilarious and stays rather clever throughout.

The two leading roles are performed by Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. Both of them perform well, but Russell Brand is the obvious highlight of the acting portion of the film. He delivers his lines perfectly and makes nearly every line funny. Russell Brand is a musician in the film and he surprisingly sings his own songs in the movie. He does a fantastic job and it's shocking to hear such a great voice from him.

There are no high budget explosions, but the sets and concert scenes are done very well. It captures the very essence of the life style and shows the video some great shots when they're not laughing out of their chairs.

It comes as no surprise that Russell Brand and Jonah Hill give the world an incredible joyride. There are some lines of dialogue that will cause you to laugh until your face turns red and the film uses the raunchy humor tastefully and doesn't feel as if the writers were trying too hard. Get Him to the Greek is a hysterical flick that is recommended to anyone who enjoyed Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

My Rating = Four Stars

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