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Freddy vs. Jason


Jeff Nelson

Freddy vs. Jason is an entertaining movie with loads of fun gore, but is only recommended to Freddy Krueger and/or Jason Voorhees fans.

Freddy vs. Jason
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This concept has been spoken of for nearly every single famous franchise. To take the icons and have them battle to the death, such as Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and Alien vs. Predator. It was rumored for many years that Freddy and Jason would clash on one screen, but Jason belonged to Paramount and Freddy belonged to New Line Cinema. This copyright issue caused the film to take an excruciatingly long time to be made. This built up a lot of hype from fans of both of the franchises.

Freddy Krueger revives Jason Voorhees as part of a plan to revisit the dreams of Elm Street teens. Freddy's demonic scheme spins out of control when the maniacal Jason begins his own campaign of terror on Freddy's victims. Just from originally stating that two slashers would be put into the same film, nobody can expect the plot to be thought-provoking or clever. Although, it's believable by Krueger's character to require Voorhees in order for the teens of Elm Street to remember him so he can regain his power he once had. The screenwriting is atrocious in every sense of the word. Every line is a disgrace and offers more lame dialogue than either of the franchises originally had. The humor is dreadful, but Freddy offers a few chuckle-worthy lines. The one question of, "Who will win?" is what made horror fans rush to the theaters to see this. I don't want to give away the winner for it ruins it for those who haven't seen the film yet.

The only good thing about any of the cast is that Robert Englund has reprised what may of been his final slice at playing Freddy Krueger. He doesn't disappoint and offers the same corky, crude and campy humor that he has had throughout the series. It's a disappointment that none of the original Jason Voorhees actors were able to perform the role. As for the teenagers, this is some of the worst acting you'll witness in a film that was in wide release. The dialogue is bad enough and the actors make it just cringe-worthy. Not even one actor pulled through and none of them were likable.

Neither the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th franchises are big budget films. They're all made on extremely small budgets and it showed. Freddy vs. Jason even looks more tacky than the originals did. One small wound calls for gallons of gushing blood pouring from the wound. Not only that, but the blood changed colors at times, from red to a purple shade. The camera angles are nothing special and the visuals are suitable.

Hype has been built over the years, which made the film nearly impossible to live up to the expectations of the horror crowds. In fact, the film is so utterly bad, that it's funny. Audiences will be laughing at dialogue and acting when it's not meant to be funny. It's a ridiculous film that's impossible to take seriously. Nonetheless, Robert Englund will be truly missed as Freddy, and it's nice to see him in this role for a final time. This movie delivers better as a gory comedy with horror characters than a horror film, so it deserves to be seen as such. Freddy vs. Jason is an entertaining movie with loads of fun gore, but is only recommended to Freddy Krueger and/or Jason Voorhees fans.

My Rating = Two and One Half Stars

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