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The MPAA rates a lot of movies every year. A lot of horror movies receive NC-17 and just need to cut out a few scenes with unnecessary gore to recive a lower rating, but others are different. For some movies, the blood and gore is necessary to the story and cannot be taken out. Frontier(s) falls under that category, which is why it was released straight to DVD. This is a good thing so people can see the way the movie was meant to be seen and not a cut up cheap version.

The plot is about France, which is in a riot. There are a group of robbers who try to get out of the slums to get out of danger from the cops. They have a meeting place, at a motel. Now, the robbers find something much worse. It is an interesting premise; evil meets something worse. This movie saves itself from coming off as corny by being quite unique.

Since this movie is from France, most of the people in the United States will not know any of the actors. The acting is surprisingly good, except for a scene here and there. There is a scene near the end where Karina Testa (Yasmine) begins to shake and it looked like they had some sort of disorder. Other than that scene, the rest of the acting was quite good. The best performance is from Maud Forget (Eva, as seen in the picture in this review). Just about her every line is delivered well.

The audience is given even more than a good story and good acting, but good visuals as well. The blood looks real and is a very artistic movie. It involves dirt and blood, but displays it in a very artistic arrangement. These are some decent visuals for a horror movie.

In sum, Frontier(s) is a fantastic movie that could not make it to wide release because of the NC-17 rating. It was also meant to be shown at the 8 Films To Die For, but was cancelled, once again, for the NC-17 label. Instead, 8 Films To Die For produced it for DVD in the United States. This movie is very violent and brutal. It is in French with English subtitles, but they don't take from the movie. For those looking for a strong foreign horror movie, this comes with one of the highest recommendations.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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