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Fantastic Four


Jeff Nelson

Fantastic Four is unsatisfying and doesn't achieve what some of the most simple action films have been able to accomplish.

Fantastic Four
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Superhero films have been the trend of the past decade or so. These movies all seem to come out around the same time of the year, one after the other. Some certainly are better than others, but sometimes it gets tiring. All of these superhero movies are based on the original comic books and the live action versions rarely are too serious. The Fantastic Four is a superhero group that is extremely popular. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that its fans were pulling their hair out while watching this around the world.

During a space journey, four scientists are altered by cosmic rays giving them superhero abilities. Together, they must destroy the villain Dr. Doom and save the world. While these action films are centered around large explosions and good visuals, the filmmakers could have explained the backstory better. Some of you may be thinking I'm crazy because who goes to Fantastic Four to see a great plot? Well, the slower pace sure helped Iron Man. The film took its time to introduce the characters, the plot, and had fun with it. Fantastic Four could have really used this method. Instead, the screenplay is a big mess. It's all over the place. Literally every other line has a horrid forced pun. Nothing comes naturally here, that's certain. Even the action sequences felt dried up and used. When this happens in an action flick, you know there isn't much to enjoy about it.

For the most part, I see nothing physically wrong with the casting choices. They all have what's known as "the look". The same cannot be said about their acting abilities here. Some say that the fault lies on the screenplay, while others say that it's the actors' faults. I place the blame on both accounts. The writing is atrocious and the acting is plain, to say the least. The ensemble of heroes are portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis. Victor von Doom is played by Julian McMahon. I have seen a couple of these actors in other films in which they did a decent job. It's disappointing to see such a downfall on all parts.

When it comes to huge explosions and destruction, Fantastic Four looks good. I can't be the only one to think that The Thing doesn't look very good and that Reed Richards' abilities don't look great with CGI. There are a few good spots of editing and sound design, However, for an action film there are improvements to be made upon the visuals. Most of this lies with the CGI when Reed Richards uses his abilities.

I try not to expect too much out of these action flicks. Fantastic Four is easily one of the tackiest of the bunch. A horrendous screenplay, lame acting, and visuals that vary in quality. Superhero fans were anxious to see how this would turn out. Unfortunately, it fell far below my expectations. Fantastic Four is unsatisfying and doesn't achieve what some of the most simple action films have been able to accomplish.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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