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Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Jeff Nelson

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those films that you wish all romantic comedies would be like.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
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Repetition appears to be a large phenomenon within the film industry. Recycled ideas appear in every bit of dialogue throughout these raunchy comedies Some are better than others in the writing and such, but it could come off as the same. Someone would imagine that this humor would get old, but that person would be wrong.

After his TV star girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, breaks up with Peter, he wants to enjoy his vacation in Hawaii. However, Sarah happens to be vacationing at the same resort and has a new man. The story of the bitch ex-girlfriend breaking the kind, lovable guy's heart is used very often. All of these stories generally end the same, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is no exception. However, the writing surpasses that of the usual romantic comedy. The dialogue, written by Jason Segel, is hysterical and never tries too hard.

The main cast consists of Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Russell Brand. Each one of these actors does a great job. They each pull their weight and truly makes the screenplay even better. Each line of dialogue is recited very well and that's quite important for a film such as this. The relationships made on screen are natural and never feel forced.

Since the majority of this film takes place in Hawaii, it should have some beautiful scenery and sets. This movie does just that and gives the real deal and not green screens and backdrops.

Most romantic comedies are created strictly for women, but this is a romantic flick that's also for the guys. It features some terrific actors, beautiful actresses and a hilariously explicit script. There is never one dull moment throughout the entire film. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those films that you wish all romantic comedies would be like. It's a film that deserves a lot of recognition.

My Rating = Four Stars

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