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Fright Night (1985)


Jeff Nelson

Fright Night (1985) is a fun film that's sure to entertain non vampire fans and those who enjoy the sub-genre alike.

Fright Night (1985)
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In modern filmmaking, vampires are being heavily overused. They aren't even the same type of vampires that many of us remember them being. These flicks ruin the actual decent vampire films that have been released years ago. I have never been much of a fan of vampires, but Fright Night (1985) is an exception. Don't let the overuse and unnecessary manipulation of these creatures in modern day ruin the name of them years ago.

Nobody believes teenager Charley Brewster when he finds out that his new neighbor, Jerry Dandridge, is a vampire. Brewster must find a way to kill him before he gets to him and those closest to him. The idea of fear living next door has been passed down in filmmaking for many years. However, Fright Night (1985) isn't strictly a horror film. It's a spoof on the vampire sub-genre and offers plenty of comic relief. There is definitely some decent humor placed throughout. Prepare for the camp factor to be rather high. This film takes its cheese and embraces it. The movie knows what it is and doesn't try to be a serious vampire flick. The pacing is fine for the most part as it's relatively fast paced. The plot turns are predictable, but this film isn't about a complex story.

Those in front ofthe camera are Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse among others. With the screenplay knowing its place in the sub-genre, he acting follows the same tactic. It fits the the given atmosphere. There aren't any award winning performances, but they're fine for the movie given. Each actor expresses their character just fine on the big screen.

Given that the film was released in 1985, there aren't any big scale FX. Instead, we're offered some old fashioned visuals. I have always felt that this adds to the atmosphere and looks much better than CGI. Fright Night (1985) is easily an example when comparing it to recent vampire flicks. The make up used for the vampires is great. Their true form isn't human-like as it is in most modern films. Those who enjoy their artificial FX generated from a computer will find the FX tacky here. However, those who enjoy practical FX like I do will appreciate the work done here.

Without the past few decades, there have only been a handful of decent vampire films. The sub-genre has been done to death and deserved to rest. This obviously doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon. A remake for this film is going to be released relatively soon. Fright Night (1985) proves to be one of the best vampire spoof movies around. It's funny, entertaining, and shows what real vampires are. Fright Night (1985) is a fun film that's sure to entertain non vampire fans and those who enjoy the sub-genre alike.

My Rating = Four Stars

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