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Fight Club


Jeff Nelson

Fight Club is a very highly recommended and unforgettable film.

Fight Club
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The director David Fincher has more than proven himself as a fantastic director. He's able to bring the audience a gritty atmosphere that gives real depth in each film he does. Fight Club is not an exception.

An insomniac corporate man meets a rebel, and together they create a brutal underground society in which men fight each other freely. The line between reality and sleepless haze begins to blur when the rebel transforms Fight Club into a cult. The film isn't its own story, but it's an adaptation off of the novel by the same name. It's a very strange film, but moves along well to introduce its characters before chaos begins. The screenplay is written very well and offers great dark humor throughout. The main character narrates throughout and his descriptions are very detailed and put together excellently.

What is a stunning screenplay without top notch actors? Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are the two main characters and Helena Bonham Carter co-stars. Each actor pulls his or her weight and nobody tops the other, creating a smooth and realistic film. There aren't any moments where it feels artificial and the actors clearly have chemistry on film and truly pull off their characters.

There is no doubt that Fight Club has the Fincher touch to it. It's gritty, dirty, yet visually appealing. The camera angles had thought put into them and capture everything beautifully. There may not be many car chases or explosions, but each fight scene sure feels a lot more heavy than just fist fighting. This is due to the impact given through the camera angles and the sound design.

Many will agree with me and many will disagree. This film definitely divides people, but those who will love it are in for a real treat. It's worth giving it a chance to find your personal opinion on it. Each to his or her own, but don't dismiss seeing the film. Fight Club is a very highly recommended and unforgettable film.

My Rating = Four and One Half Stars

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