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Final Destination 5


Jeff Nelson

Final Destination 5 is an absolute blast that will have fans jumping for joy, but should be avoided by those who haven't enjoyed any of the previous entries.

Final Destination 5
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Many of the studios milk the success from these horror franchises. Even when the quality of these films drop drastically, the fans remain faithful. As long as moviegoers continue to buy tickets, sequels will continue to be made. Those who are outside of the fan circle are sure to despise each entry to be released. This holds true for the Final Destination films. I personally find these movies to be a guilty pleasure of mine. These flicks aren't created to be heavily critiqued for their screenplays, characters, and dialogue. They're meant to watch people get killed off in creative ways. The franchise was always fun, even though most people hated the past entry. However, the series was starting to get stale and cheesy. The creators of Final Destination 5 attempted to return to the atmosphere seen in the first film by taking a more serious approach with intentional humor.

Death returns after Sam Lawton's premonition saves a group of coworkers from a horrifying suspension bridge collapse. This group of unsuspecting souls was never meant to survive. In a race against time, the group frantically tries to discover a way to escape Death's sinister agenda. The plot is just as paper thin as viewers would expect. It follows the same formulaic story line seen in the past four films. The screenplay aims at intentionally making the audience chuckle instead of viewers laughing from horrid dialogue and acting. While the lines given to the actors aren't spectacular, they're suitable. The characters are as one-dimensional as can be, but who sees Final Destination 5 for engrossing characters? The most critical element of these movies is how the death scenes occur. The more inventive, the better. While a couple of these deaths aren't as brutal as they could be, others make up for that. There are some components seen in the other movies that some people were getting sick of. These scenes primarily composed of numerous premonitions occurring throughout. Fortunately, these plot points were left out of the script. Any Final Destination enthusiast is sure to be beyond excited about the ending. With me being a fan of the series, I couldn't help but sit in my seat with a big smile on my face.

Each of the main characters in the past four films has been killed off, so there aren't many characters that could have returned. However, Tony Todd has come back as William Bludworth. He never had a major role, but supporters of the series will enjoy him coming back as his minor character. The new cast isn't fantastic, but they hold the film better than those in Final Destination 4. After Adam Green's Frozen, I felt that Emma Bell had potential. She's clearly the best out of this cast. Each of the actors delivered the dialogue as he or she should. None of them took it too seriously. Overacting would have come across as extremely tacky. Don't expect much more than suitable acting.

As quite a few of my readers know, I don't admire the 3D format much. However, Final Destination 5 was shot in native 3D and wasn't post-converted. I gave it a chance and ended up very pleased with the results. I will never be a supporter of 3D at home, but it can be used correctly in the theaters. Not only does this film use it well, but it enhanced the experience. The depth is absolutely marvelous throughout. The 3D truly shows its teeth during the death sequences. Things such as objects, blood, guts, cars, and much more jump towards the audience. They don't simply lift off the screen, but are literally flying towards the viewers. Those who are haters of CGI won't be pleased with some of the FX, but they're well incorporated with the live action. Similar to previous entries in the series, we get to see each component of these freak accidents before they happen. Quite a few of these deaths don't go the way one would think. Each one of these scenes is composed very well. From the opening credits to when the ending credits are rolling, the visuals are extraordinary.

If I could go back and review Final Destination 4, I would have given it a lower score. Final Destination 5's quality is a bit under the original, but one of the best of the sequels. Not only is it entertaining from start to finish, but successfully delivers what followers of the series have been craving. I can't imagine any of the sequels being better than the original, but this is the closest one has gotten. There isn't anything here to enjoy for those who don't enjoy the other Final Destination flicks. The ending is the cherry on the top that will excite every fan out there. I highly recommend supporters see this in 3D, since it definitely increases the fun. Final Destination 5 is an absolute blast that will have fans jumping for joy, but should be avoided by those who haven't enjoyed any of the previous entries.

My Rating = Four Stars

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