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Final Destination 3


Jeff Nelson

this film just is a waste of time and money

Final Destination 3
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How many times can a film use the exact same elements with new characters and still get a decent profit? Apparently quite a few times. This is the third Final Destination movie, following the same story.

Wendy Christensen has a premonition that her and all her friends will die on a roller-coaster mishap, the survivors must face the consequences of cheating death. There isn't much of a difference as far as the plot goes from the sequel. The writing has gotten even worse, which is quite a feat. Many of the conversations between characters are unrealistic and get tiresome. Every joke and attempt at humor is an absolute dud.

The star of the film is Mary Elizabeth Winstead and she must of been forced into this film. Her performances in films such as Death Proof are superior to her feeble attempt in Final Destination 3. However, the rest of the actors are even worse than her. None of them connect and most dialogue is recited poorly.

The one and only component that is an improvement over the previous sequel are the deaths. Most of them are amusing, even if they're absolutely absurd. The CGI blood is unbearably disappointing, when practical effects are required for this film. The computer animated blood just brought the film to a whole new low.

It's unfortunate when a film begins terrific and slowly is trashed. This process is known as milking. As long as they're making money, the flicks will continue to be released. Final Destination 2 at least has a few redeeming parts to it, while this film just is a waste of time and money. Final Destination 3 isn't recommended, not even to the fans.

My Rating = One and One Half Stars

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